Shame on you Britain!

Here’s Britain today:


A third of Britons hates EU, a bit less then a third loves it, and the rest isn’t bothered that much. Should I be worried? Well looks like EU has better stats than I do personally.  Brits are pissed of and they’re showing EU the middle finger, and the rest of the world says “Not nice, gimme back my toys”. At the end of the day business is business and next month no one will remember any of those shenanigans…

Is Britain leaving the EU? Of course not! UKIP was campaigning to leave, they’ve already prepared their voters to claim the poll was rigged. The actual result was a surprise to everyone, and I’m sure that even in Farage’s office you could’ve heard “Shit. Now what?”

No one knows what it means, and what to do about, so they probably won’t do anything at all. EU has a tradition of giving more time to voters and repeating referendums until the vote comes in “right”.

So what’s going to happen now? Not much, the new government can either make it official and put in a request to leave (which is a 2 year long process, expected to be extended if necessary), they can repeat the vote, or just ignore it altogether claiming that it was all a mock exercise to get leverage while negotiating fishing quota.

Even if… after two years Britain “leaves the EU”, It’ll make appropriate trade agreements and probably keep “Schengen”.   GB will be in this great position where they can pick and choose which benefits of the EU to keep, and which drawbacks to loose.

If I was British, I’d be proud of this historic moment. I’d show the EU my finger, there’s no reason for me to be burdened with their problems. The pro’s don’t justify the con’s of membership anymore.

However it’s not the case for Poland though – we still need the EU, so hooray for United Europe! And shame on you Britain, shame. your selfishness disgusts me.