Being best

So once again I came to realise what’s obvious for pro athletes… To be the best there’s only one opponent you need to beat – yourself.

I’ve managed to better myself this tiny little bit today. First time running outside this year – it wasn’t easy, I even vomited a little bit on my way, but in the end I shaved off 23s of my previous threadmill 5k time. And I’m really happy about it.

I still need to put in a lot of work to be ready for September. Fighting for each additional second becomes harder, but I’m feeling positive about it. Nothing in this world comes easy, and if something’s difficult – it’s probably worth doing.

New neighbours moved in last week…

I couldn’t sleep the night before so was really happy to go to bed early and make up for it…

Soon after I was woken up by a woman outside on my street, crying. I’ve seen her husband smashing her phone when she was trying to call the police, and leaving her to stand outside alone… That was my good night’s sleep sorted…

I came up to her and offered my phone, then he came around and said it’s his wife, and she’s fine, I’ve politely explained that I wasn’t asking for his opinion. Luckily he wasn’t man enough to enforce it.

Since he was constantly saying he loves her and was trying to hug her, I invited her to wait in my house and she gave us the story of her life – how she came to UK from eastern Europe, met him, fell in love and flipped her life upside down just to be with him. She’s pregnant now, they’re struggling financially, and he’s trash talking her, she was afraid for her life and her child’s. It was too much for her and she fell apart.

She was afraid to call police as she hasn’t got any proof of physical abuse other then a torn dress, she thought that’s not enough to be treated seriously. He’s abusing her verbally and tormenting psychologically, and she was afraid there’s nothing she can do about this.

He was telling her that she acts like a whore, she’s got no respect for herself, that clearly she wants to cheat on him, and he’s got reasons to support these claims – she left the house without her burka.

After she calmed down she thought that staying in our house without him was enough of a statement of her independence, she decided not to call police, allowed him to get in and apologise to her, and they went back home together.

I hope they got better and managed to sleep the rest of the night… I didn’t.